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About Us

Founded in 1987, VÄXA is a USA-based brand that has pioneered combination homeopathic medicinals and dietary supplements designed to support optimal health and wellbeing. VÄXA's mission is to bring the quality of our past to the health of your future.

VÄXA is committed to delivering a message of self-healing. We believe a properly functioning body has the power to naturally heal itself. Hence, all VÄXA formulas were developed around this logic.

Our core company value is to serve people with honesty and integrity. We believe in treating every individual like a member of our family, and in doing so, would never sacrifice the quality of our products.

At VÄXA we believe Knowledge is the Best Supplement of All. Our goal is to educate in order to empower the wholeness of man. VÄXA is committed to providing our website,, as an excellent resource for researching health issues and possible support solutions for the betterment of all. We are so confident you'll be satisfied that all VÄXA products are backed by our Money Back Guarantee. To your health!

Advanced Homeopathic Medicinals and Dietary Supplements

Since 1987, our scientists have developed powerful homeopathic medicinals and dietary supplements that are recognized internationally for their effectiveness, quality and purity. These advanced doctor-formulated, multi-dimensional medicinals utilize the science of homeopathy coupled with the power of herbs and nutritionals. Our holistic formulas were created to support nearly every aspect of your health and wellness. Our homeopathic supplements are formulated to address a wide range of health concerns including: cardiovascular health, daily nutrition, digestive health, immune system health, internal cleansing and detoxification, men's health, women's health, neurological health, ocular health, organ system health, respiratory health, skin health, and weight management and support for your overall health.