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Tyramine (L-Tyramine, Octopamine, N-methyltyramine)

Tyramine is thought to increase norepinephrine and dopamine activity which in turn can enhance fat loss and curb the feelings of hunger. Tyramine is an amino acid found in many common foods like cheese, certain meats, and wine. In your body, Tyramine also helps regulate your blood pressure. People who are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) should avoid Tyramine because elevated levels of Tyramine along with MAOIs can lead to high blood pressure and stroke.

Tyramine is a conditionally essential amino acid which works by being an essential precursor to the neurotransmitter norepinephrine which further activates brown fat and increases body metabolism and the using of white fat as body fuel, while helping to build muscle. L-Tyramine, known as an adrenergenic amine, can help facilitate the action of the sympathetic nervous system on the adrenal glands, thereby increasing the body's metabolism, which in turn acts upon the utilization of brown and white stored fats. From L-Tyramine is produced a number of other important adrenergic amines, including Octopamine, an amine produced by the beta-hydroxylation of Tyramine by the enzyme dopamine beta-hydroxylase, which then becomes a phenol analog of noradrenaline (norepinephrine). When L-Tyramine is methylated it becomes N-Methyltyramine, yet another adrenergenic amine. This can be further methylated to become N,N-dimethyltyramine, or Hordenine (also known as norsynephrine,) yet another adrenergenic amine. Thus, Tyramine is capable of activating a number of adrenergenic compounds which increase body metabolism.

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